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Risk alert: U.S. bans Kaspersky software

To help protect national security and the privacy of U.S. citizens, the U.S. government has banned any software made by Kaspersky, a Russian cybersecurity firm. Kaspersky’s software is widely used for antivirus protection. 1

The ban was put in place because the antivirus and security software maker is headquartered in Russia, which poses “unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States and the security and safety of U.S. persons.” 1


Kaspersky ban

The U.S. Commerce Department will not allow any new sales of Kaspersky software after July 20, 2024. Also, Kaspersky software will not be updated after September 29, 2024, which means it won’t protect against any new threats. This ban affects all devices using Kaspersky software. (1)


The U.S. has been cautious about Kaspersky since 2017 because the Russian government may influence the company. Russian laws allow their government access to Kaspersky’s systems, meaning they could access user’s personal information. (2)


What to do

In light of this new cybersecurity threat, stay “up-to-date and make smart choices about your cybersecurity. If you’re using Kaspersky, now is the time to look at other options to keep your digital life secure.” (2)



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