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  • Most common medical liability claims and costs: Ob/Gyn Surgery

    Most common medical liability claims and costs: Ob/Gyn Surgery

    A summary of ob/gyn surgery claims data from the MPL Association Data Sharing Project.

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  • Failure to properly manage shoulder dystocia

    Failure to properly manage shoulder dystocia

    A 35-year-old woman went to an obstetrics/gynecology practice for confirmation of pregnancy and prenatal care. She had a history of three prior pregnancies, with two ending in miscarriage.

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  • Reporter 2018 Obstetrics

    Reporter 2018 Obstetrics

    Failure to properly interpret BRCA test results; Law requires Texas physicians to query PMP before prescribing opioids and other drugs

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  • Delay in performing cesarean delivery, hysterectomy

    A 42-year-old woman was receiving care from Ob-gyn A for her third pregnancy. The patient’s second child had been delivered by Ob-gyn A nine years earlier.

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  • Failure to properly interpret BRCA test results

    In December 2011, a 40-year-old woman came to her ob-gyn for a well-woman visit. Per the patient’s request, breast cancer susceptibility gene (BRCA) testing was scheduled to take place in 10 days.

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  • Incorrect gestational age

    On January 7, a 32-year-old woman came to her ob-gyn to begin prenatal care. During this first visit, an ultrasound was performed that estimated her delivery date to be August 26.

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  • Failure to monitor twin pregnancy

    A 28-year-old pregnant woman came to an obstetrics clinic for prenatal care. Routine labs and sonogram were performed. The sonogram images were unclear, but showed the possibility of twins.

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  • Reporter 2019 Obstetrics

    Reporter 2019 Obstetrics

    Failure to recognize symptoms of ureteral injury; Guidelines for the release of medical records

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  • Reporter 2017 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2017 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to monitor twin pregnancy; HIPAA and patient privacy

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  • Failure to properly perform surgery

    A 45-year-old woman came to her ob-gyn for complaints of heavy bleeding and pelvic pain. The patient’s history included pelvic inflammatory disease, a bilateral tubal ligation, and myomectomy.

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  • Failure to discontinue medication

    A 34-year-old woman came to an ob-gyn for prenatal care on May 25. This was the patient’s fifth pregnancy.

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  • Failure to respond to shoulder dystocia

    A 24-year-old pregnant woman began prenatal care with her OB-GYN physician at approximately 24 weeks into her pregnancy. This was the patient’s second pregnancy,

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  • Reporter 2016 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2016 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to respond to shoulder dystocia during delivery; Law enforcement exceptions to HIPAA

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  • Reporter 2014 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2014 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to respond to shoulder dystocia during delivery; Online reputation management for physicians

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  • Reporter 2013 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2013 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to discontinue medication; TMLT adds employment practices liability coverage to all policies

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  • Reporter 2012 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2012 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to properly perform surgery; Introducing Trust Rewards; TMLT adds cyber liability coverage to all policies; Medefense coverage enhanced

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  • Reporter 2011 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2011 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to treat Group B strep; Highlighting HIPAA and HITECH — changes enacted to privacy rules

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  • Reporter 2010 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2010 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to appropriately clear patient for surgery; Gadolinium, renal failure, and NSF: a potentially dangerous combination

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  • Reporter 2009 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2009 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to diagnose fetomaternal hemorrhage; TMLT continues fight to maintain medical liability reform

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  • Reporter 2008 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Reporter 2008 Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Failure to diagnose, treat preeclampsia; ACOG revises opinion on umbilical cord blood banking; TMB enforces new rules for medical record documentation

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