News and case studies for ophthalmologists

  • Reporter 2019 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2019 Ophthalmology

    Improper performance of cataract surgery; Guidelines for the release of medical records

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  • Failure to timely schedule a follow-up appointment

    In February 2012, a 77-year-old woman came to a new ophthalmology group and was seen by Ophthalmologist A.

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  • Reporter Ophthalmology 2018

    Reporter Ophthalmology 2018

    Failure to treat in timely manner; Law requires Texas physicians to query PMP before prescribing opioids and other drugs

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  • Reporter 2013 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2013 Ophthalmology

    Negligence in placing incorrect lens; TMLT adds employment practices liability coverage to all policies

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  • Failure to evaluate patient

    A 72-year-old man was evaluated by Ophthalmologist A on several occasions. The patient had cataracts, with best corrected visual acuity of 20/25 in the right eye and 20/40 in the left eye.

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  • Negligence in placing incorrect lens

    A 59-year-old man came to his ophthalmologist complaining of ongoing visual problems. He had a long, complicated history that included uveitis, inflammation, and glaucoma.

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  • Improper performance — cataract surgery

    A 63-year-old man came to Ophthalmologist A complaining of visual changes to both eyes. He had a history of bilateral cataracts.

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  • Vision loss following surgery

    A 41-year-old woman was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. She had a history of progressive lumbar scoliosis secondary to spasticity from congenital diastematomyelia.

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  • Reporter 2012 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2012 Ophthalmology

    Negligence in placing incorrect lens; improper performance; Introducing Trust Rewards; TMLT adds cyber liability coverage to all policies

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  • Reporter 2011 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2011 Ophthalmology

    Failure to evaluate patient; Highlighting HIPAA and HITECH — changes enacted to privacy rules

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  • Reporter 2010 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2010 Ophthalmology

    Failure to conduct an appropriate preoperative assessment; Gadolinium, renal failure, and NSF: a potentially dangerous combination

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  • Reporter 2009 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2009 Ophthalmology

    Cataract surgery not indicated; TMLT continues fight to maintain medical liability reform

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  • Reporter 2008 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2008 Ophthalmology

    Failure to diagnose and refer; TMB enforces new rules for medical record documentation

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  • Reporter 2007 Ophthalmology

    Reporter 2007 Ophthalmology

    Negligence in prescribing; The FDA in 2007: criticism, caution, and confusion

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