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  • Reporter Q4 2021

    Reporter Q4 2021

    CME: De-escalation of an angry or disruptive patient; Lessons from the courthouse: High-risk informed consent issues; Case study: Failure to diagnose herniated disc

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  • De-escalation of angry or disruptive patients

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  • Reporter Q3 2021

    Reporter Q3 2021

    2-hour CME: Managing Advanced Practice Providers; Government Relations: Evolving priorities for 2021; Incorrect dose of warfarin; Failure to diagnose epidural abscess; 2022 Governing Board election

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  • 2-Hour CME: Supervising Advanced Practice Providers

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  • Reporter Q2 2021

    Reporter Q2 2021

    CME: Vaccines: A practical guide for physicians; Introducing Corvus: Your new cyber security coverage: Failure to diagnose and treat Wernicke's encephalopathy; Improper performance and de-escalation

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  • Infectious Disease: A review of case studies and liability issues

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  • Reporter Q1 2021

    Reporter Q1 2021

    CME: Adult preventative care during COVID-19; Remote patient monitoring; Failure to communicate and to properly administer warfarin; Retained foreign body and alteration of medical record

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  • Vaccines: a practical guide for physicians

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  • Reporter Q4 2020

    Reporter Q4 2020

    CME: Infectious disease: A review of closed claim studies and liability issues; MPL Association Data Sharing Project: Sepsis-related claims; TMLT risk management services

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  • Reporter Q3 2020

    Reporter Q3 2020

    CME: Sexual harassment and misconduct in health care; 2019 risk management trends; Failure to diagnose and treat; Failure to respond to test results; 2021 TMLT Governing Board election

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  • Health care on hold: Adult preventative care during COVID-19

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  • The Reporter Cyber Edition 2020

    The Reporter Cyber Edition 2020

    How to avoid email fraud; Beware of ransomware; What business interruption really means; Cyber liability cases and claims; About cyber liability insurance

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  • Reporter Q2 2020

    Reporter Q2 2020

    COVID-19: Guidelines for re-opening your medical practice; CME: Medication and prescribing safety; Failure to diagnose and treat infection; Failure to respond to test results

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  • Reporter Q1 2020

    Reporter Q1 2020

    CME: Risks associated with medical spas; TMLT Government Relations: Our focus for 2020; Failure to follow up and timely diagnose ectopic pregnancy; Delay in obtaining MRI

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  • Reporter Q4 2019

    Reporter Q4 2019

    TMLT closed claims: Documentation errors (2-hour CME); One family, two generations at TMLT; TMLT 2019 scholarship: Winning essay

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  • Reporter Q3 2019

    Reporter Q3 2019

    Tracking patient follow up and diagnostic test results (CME); 2018 Risk Management trends analysis; Failure to manage risk of shoulder dystocia; Failure to follow up on syncope; Board Election 2020

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  • New-to-Practice Reporter 2019

    New-to-Practice Reporter 2019

    TPMP - Mandatory use delayed to March 2020; De-escalation techniques & resources; Business interruptions; Human trafficking; Failure to supervise aesthetician; Failure to properly treat depression

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  • Reporter Quarter 2 2019

    Reporter Quarter 2 2019

    From difficult to dangerous: How to handle disruptive patients; How to address ethical misconduct by a colleague or staff member; Improper performance of breast biopsy; Improper prescribing

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  • Reporter Q1 2019

    Reporter Q1 2019

    Evaluating & treating the suicidal patient (CME); Dr. Melinda Lopez: On the front lines with human trafficking; Failure to properly evaluate depression; Failure to diagnose coronary artery disease

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  • New-to-Practice Reporter 2018

    New-to-Practice Reporter 2018

    Managing opioids: claims analysis and case study; Wernicke’s encephalopathy after bariatric surgery; How to dismiss without abandoning: Ending the physician-patient relationship; Addressing transgende

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  • Reporter Quarter 3 2018

    Reporter Quarter 3 2018

    CME - Human Trafficking; Communicating with millennials; Wernicke's encephalopathy: Failure to monitor thiamine levels; Failure to obtain consent for esophageal dilation; TMLT Board Election 2019

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  • Reporter Quarter 2 2018

    Reporter Quarter 2 2018

    Risk management trends analysis; Preparing for office based medical emergencies (CME); How to prepare for a cyber breach; Failure to treat myocardial infarction; Failure to supervise APP

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  • Reporter Quarter 1 2018

    Reporter Quarter 1 2018

    Transgender health care (CME); Compassionate health care: 2017 Legislative highlights; Failure to correctly label lab specimens and follow up; Mismanagement of anticoagulant medication

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  • The Reporter Quarter 4 2017

    The Reporter Quarter 4 2017

    Terminating the patient-physician relationship (2-hour CME); Managing opioids: PIAA claims analysis; Addressing transgender health care disparities; TMLT 2017 scholarship winning essay

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  • The Reporter Quarter 3 2017

    The Reporter Quarter 3 2017

    Preparing for a deposition; Prescribing issues: Opioids and off-label medications (CME); Overprescribing NSAIDS; Failure to diagnose; Failure to correctly prescribe and instruct in taking medication

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