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Malpractice coverage while you're out on family leave

What happens to my malpractice coverage when I’m out on family leave?

Most medical liability policies address a physician’s temporary absence from practice through “leave of absence” discounts, in which you pay a discounted rate while your coverage remains in place. Check your policy or with your carrier to see if these discounts are available. 

TMLT offers the following leave of absence discounts:

  • 100% premium reduction for medical leave or military leave
  • 75% premium reduction for an underwriting approved leave (for academic or sabbatical purposes)
  • 85% premium reduction for maternity or paternity leave up to 12 weeks (longer if medically necessary).

TMLT leave of absence discounts require a minimum of 45 days of leave, not to exceed one year. 

If a substitute physician will be treating your patients while you’re away, locum tenens coverage may also be available with your policy. Locum tenens is malpractice coverage for a substitute physician who assumes responsibility for your patients during a scheduled absence.

Most medical liability insurance policies include some coverage for locum physicians. All TMLT policyholders can request locum tenens coverage for up to 30 days per policy year without an additional premium charge. Coverage for more than 30 days will incur a fee of $500 per day.

Requests for TMLT locum tenens coverage require written notice before the scheduled absence and the substitute physician must submit a locum tenens application. 

Please contact the Underwriting Department for more on your coverage options during a temporary absence.