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Fees for PMP-EHR integration begin September 1

Since 2020, state law has required physicians to check the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) before prescribing opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, or carisoprodol.

The PMP is available online for manual web access through the Texas Board of Pharmacy via PMP AWARxE. Many physicians also access the PMP through their EHR. But beginning September 1, physicians will be charged a fee for this integrated EHR access of $50 per prescriber per year.

Online access through PMP AWARxE will continue free of charge.

There will be an additional charge for the optional NarxCare graphic interface and Appriss analytics of $250 per prescriber per year. 

Physicians will begin receiving invoices from Appriss — the PMP software vendor — for this annual licensing fee.

Why the fee?

According to the Texas Medical Association (TMA), when Texas started requiring that physicians check the PMP, the state appropriated funds to cover the licensing fee for the EHR integration for the first two years. However, effective September 1, 2021 that fee is no longer covered by the state, and Appriss will begin billing physicians for this fee.

If you do not renew with Appriss, access to the PMP will no longer be available through your EHR within your workflow. It will still be available for free when you log in to the state’s system, PMP AWARxE, to check a patient’s prescribing history.

“TMA is exploring options with the governor’s office, Texas State Board of Pharmacy, and Appriss to tap into the opioid settlement funds to defray the cost of the PMP. However, it does not appear that funding will be available before September 1,” TMA officials say (1).

TMA has also reached out to Appriss to understand the pricing structure on the invoice that physicians will receive. Appriss has indicated the following options for physicians:

  • Cost for the basic service of integrated access to the PMP through the physician’s EHR is $50 per prescriber per year. This is access to controlled substance prescription data only.
  • Cost for the optional NarxCare graphic interface and Appriss analytics is an additional $250 per prescriber per year. 
  • Always available at no cost is manual web access to the PMP through the Texas Board of Pharmacy via PMP AWARxE.

TMA says physician groups can check with Appriss to see if they are eligible for reduced pricing per prescriber. (1)

Questions about prescribing and the PMP program may be directed to TMA’s Health Information Technology Department by calling (800) 880-5720 or by email. See also TMA’s PMP resource page.


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