Protect your information from cyber thieves

TMLT wants to help you keep your information safe. Here are some tips and practices to help you defend against cyber criminals.

Make sure it's TMLT. Cyber criminals pose as credible companies “phishing” for your information. TMLT will never call to ask for your logon information. If you receive an unexpected call from someone asking for your logon information, hang up and contact TMLT directly at 800-580-8658.

Report suspicious texts and emails. Using email and text, fraudsters impersonate companies to get customers to click links and provide personal information. Don’t click on unsolicited links or attachments sent via email or text. Report suspicious TMLT emails or texts to

Protect your devices by installing the latest browsers, operating systems, and antivirus software.

Strong passwords are your first line of defense. Create passwords that are 8 or more characters and include a combination of numbers, symbols and upper- and lowercase letters. Use multi-factor authentication when possible.

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