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About TMLT's Claim Management

From trial venues to claim trends, no one knows how to defend you better than TMLT. We employ a team of experienced claim professionals and attorneys who specialize in the defense of medical liability claims and regulatory actions.

We also have the distinct advantage of physician involvement. Our cases are evaluated on a peer-to-peer basis by the Claims Review Committee. The committee includes a panel of 26 physicians from all specialties who review, analyze and provide opinions in complex cases.

When you need us most, our claim staff, physicians, and attorneys will defend your career and reputation.

  • Since 1979, we have resolved more than 48,000 claims.
  • Since 2002, we have won more than 90% of our cases taken to trial.
  • Since 2002, we have closed more than 87% of our claims with no indemnity payment.
  • In most instances, we do not settle a claim without physician consent.
  • TMLT will aggressively defend non-meritorious claims.
  • Our claim staff attends mediations and trials.
  • Our claim staff averages 27 years of experience and 19 years with TMLT.
  • On-call, 24-hour claim reporting available.

Claim Prevention

TMLT helps physicians lower their risks through comprehensive and customized risk management services. Whether you need an answer to a simple question, or are looking for resources to guide you through a complicated issue, our team provides answers, advice, and peace of mind. Services include: