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About Case Closed: Odd Cases

Since 1979, TMLT has defended more than 60,000 medical liability claims for Texas physicians. Within these claims are a group of cases that are memorable for their unexpected circumstances. Case Closed: Odd Cases is a collection of these cases. Though the claims described in these cases feature odd occurrences and scenarios, several risk management issues are apparent.

The case studies in this stream are based on actual malpractice claims from TMLT. They illustrate how actions or inactions by physicians led to allegations of medical liability and how risk management techniques may have either prevented the outcome or further increased the physician’s defensibility. The consultant opinions regarding the clinical care delivered in these cases reflect recommendations at the time the incident occurred. In some cases, clinical guidelines may have changed, but the claim review presents a snapshot of what transpired during the course of treatment.

When writing closed claim studies, we make every effort to eliminate identifying information without compromising the clinical details of the case. Locations and dates have been changed, and the names of patients and physicians have been removed. However, because this activity features cases with odd circumstances and their details may be part of the public record, these cases may be identifiable. If you recognize a claim, please be assured that it is presented only to emphasize the important issues in the case.

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