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Corvus Scans begin as policyholders renew with TMLT and LSA

Since 2000, TMLT has conducted practice reviews for more than 20,000 physicians. During these on-site visits, TMLT risk management reps help physicians address their top medical liability risks.

Now for 2021 and beyond, we are offering a similar service for your IT systems.  

TMLT and LSA are working with Corvus Insurance to provide you with more robust cyber risk management. Corvus uses advanced tools to help predict and prevent cyber claims.

One of these tools is the Corvus Scan. Corvus uses the scan to individually assess your practice’s online presence and reach out to you about any cyber vulnerabilities. Think of it as a practice review for your systems.

Corvus scans begin for policyholders shortly after they renew with TMLT and LSA.

Here’s how it works

The Corvus Scan is a non-invasive scan of your practice’s public-facing website to detect any cyber vulnerabilities. The scan sees the same information that a cyber criminal looking to find a way into your systems would. The scan will not affect your website or slow it down in any way.

Once the scan is complete, Corvus will provide you with a Dynamic Loss Prevention (DLP) report of any risks and vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are paired with recommendations drawn from cyber security best practices and weighted by the potential to improve your security. The recommendations are written in clear language so you can understand them and take action.

After an initial DLP report is made available, Corvus will continue to monitor your site for new threats. A new scan and new report will be available annually. Scan reports will be sent to your myPortal account for download.

What we need from you

If you have not done so already, please complete this form to provide us with your practice website address. Once we have your website address, Corvus will set up the scan. 

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Questions? Please contact Corvus at or TMLT Cyber Consulting Services at