TMLT's 2014 Team of the Year

February 2, 2015

Since 2005, TMLT staff have participated in the Team of the Year. To be on the team, one member from each department is nominated by his or her department or supervisor. The team works together during the year to raise money for a local charity selected by the group. Fundraising and team building are the group’s primary goals.

Stephanie Downing, a member of the TMLT Risk Management Department, had this to say about her participation in 2014.

“It was an honor and privilege to serve on the 2014 Team of the Year. We were successful in terms of donations:$11,968.07 and two truckloads of items given to Austin Pets Alive.  

We were also successful in helping to make TMLT a great place to work. We held various events throughout the year, including the first ever TMLT kickball team, “Just for Kicks.” The team met every Sunday to compete against other teams in toe-to-toe competition (excuse the pun). Unfortunately, the competition was tough and we ended the season with zero wins. But…we had fun, which was the goal.

Other activities included: salsa lessons for Cinco de Mayo; an ice cream social, Taco Tuesday; TMLT movie day (who can forget that one); National Pickle Day; stress bags for every TMLTer; Family Feud,  TMLT style; cookies for veterans; and of course the grand finale, The TMLT Holiday Party.

Seeing the smiling faces on our peers, as well as the happy faces on the APA animals was the ultimate reward for all our hard work. Thanks to everyone for participating in our little party!”

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