Risk alert: False DEA phone calls requesting payment for fines

May 1, 2018 Wayne Wenske

Criminals posing as U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents are calling physicians and alleging that the DEA has intercepted illegal prescription drugs sent through the mail by the physician. The DEA “agent” then threatens to come to the physician’s office to make an arrest if the physician does not pay a fine. 

A TMLT policyholder reported receiving a similar call on May 1. The caller had the physician’s NPI number.

The DEA will never contact physicians or consumers by telephone to demand money or any other form of payment. If you receive a call like this, refuse the demand for payment, hang up, and immediately report the threat using the DEA’s online form

Consumers who previously purchased prescriptions by telephone or on the internet are also being targeted. They are being told that these methods of purchase are illegal, before the criminals request payment for a fine.

A press release has recently been issued by the DEA on this matter. It can be found here

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Wayne Wenske is Senior Marketing Coordinator at Texas Medical Liability Trust. He can be reached at wayne-wenske@tmlt.org.

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