Meet the instructor: Robert Milman, MD

July 18, 2018 Wayne Wenske

Dr. Milman co-teaches TMLT’s summer CME seminar series in Katy and McAllen

In August, TMLT hosts two summer CME seminars with a focus on improving communication between physicians and patients and colleagues—using improv techniques and exercises. Seminars take place August 4 in Katy and August 10 in McAllen. Registration is now open.

“Effective communication is at the heart and soul of medicine and depends on both hearing what others say and carefully listening for clarity. Effective communication requires an ability to be improvisational, to go where the conversation leads,” says seminar instructor Dr. Robert Milman.

Dr. Milman, in private practice since 1991 with the Austin Radiological Association, co-teaches “Better Communication Through Improv” with Shana Merlin, an award-winning instructor of “professional planning fun.” “Fun” is the key word for this seminar series, as TMLT has designed this seminar to be a family-friendly event. Participants are even invited to bring their families with them to the CME.

While registered participants attend the CME, their family members are welcome to enjoy a meal and either a private screening of a new summer blockbuster (for Katy attendees) or play arcade games (for McAllen attendees) in adjacent areas.

When asked to describe the summer CME seminar, Dr. Milman offered, “Through hands-on activities, instant feedback, and practical learning, health communication improv-based workshops lead to both increased ability to connect and increased personal satisfaction.” Using hands-on activities and instant feedback, people are on their feet in the seminar having fun and learning communication skills to build patient trust and improve teamwork.

Why is improv important for physicians? Dr. Milman replied, “As a physician, I seek strategies to quickly build patient trust, listen intently, and work collaboratively, all essential for optimizing patient outcomes.”

To learn more or register for “Better Communication Through Improv” on August 4 in Katy, TX, or on August 10 in McAllen, TX, please visit

You can also check out videos taken from this seminar presented in 2017.

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