TMB steps up office-based anesthesia inspections

September 22, 2016

In accordance with Texas Medical Board’s office-based anesthesia rule (Chapter 192), the TMB has recently begun inspections of registered office-based anesthesia (OBA) providers. Registered OBA providers should be aware that once an inspection is scheduled by the TMB, it will likely not be re-scheduled even if the surgeons or anesthesiologists are not available for the inspection at the assigned time. Being unavailable for the inspection can result in the provider being found non-compliant with the TMB’s rules pertaining to office-based anesthesia. 

If essential persons or equipment are unavailable during the time assigned for the inspection, the TMB may not return for a second inspection visit. This means the provider will be unable to prove compliance with TMB requirements.

In particular, this issue may affect providers who are using the services of a mobile anesthesiologist (as the presence of the anesthesiologist and his or her equipment is essential for the inspection of the surgeon’s office). If scheduled for a TMB OBA inspection, it is imperative that the mobile anesthesiologist and all equipment be present on the assigned date and time chosen by the TMB inspector.

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