TMLT's Privacy and Security Toolkit Now Available

October 11, 2013 Cathy Bryant

Feeling overwhelmed by federal and state medical privacy regulations?

The TMLT Product Development and Consulting Services (PDCS) has developed a Privacy and Security Toolkit to educate physicians about new federal and state medical privacy and security laws. The toolkit is designed to minimize the impact of these laws on physicians.

The Privacy and Security Toolkit consists of three components; the Comparison Tool, the Introduction to Developing Physician Office Training, and a Guide to Getting Started.

Providers can select the toolkit appropriate for their practice size; either solo and small practices (one to six practitioners or one location) or medium to large practices (more than six practitioners or more than one location).

Each component is designed to help physicians understand and comply with privacy and security laws. Learn more or purchase the toolkit.

TMLT staff is also available to assist physicians with other practice-based concerns, such as:

For more information, please contact or call 800-580-8658, ext. 4884.

About the Author

Cathy Bryant

Cathy joined TMLT in 2010 and serves as the Senior Compliance and Risk Management Representative. Cathy leads the development and implementation of TMLT’s cyber risk management services. Cathy Bryant can be reached at

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