Prepare for HIPAA Audits with Web-Based Training Courses

July 7, 2016

With the OCR now conducting HIPAA audits, TMLT is encouraging policyholders to prepare their staff with web-based HIPAA and Texas medical privacy training courses.

TMLT has partnered with Nivola Healthcare Solutions, LLC to offer policyholders these courses at a discounted rate. Policyholders can receive an additional discount by signing up for the courses before September 1, 2016. If purchased, the full suite of online courses will be available to everyone in the practice for one year.

If chosen for an audit, it’s imperative to demonstrate that your staff is sufficiently trained in privacy and security laws. An educated workforce with proper training can also be your best defense in safeguarding your patient data.

For more information on Nivola’s training courses, please email Or request a free trial.

Learn more about TMLT’s cyber risk management by visiting the Cyber Consulting Services page. You may also contact us by calling 1-800-580-8658 or emailing

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