Did You Know Your TMLT Policy Includes Much More Than the Basics?

September 2, 2013

New in 2013, all TMLT policies now include an endorsement for employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). The endorsement covers lawsuits alleging wrongful employment practices, such as:

  • violation of any federal, state, local, or common law prohibiting any kind of employment-related discrimination;
  • harassment, abusive, or hostile work environment; and
  • wrongful discharge or termination of employment.

EPLI coverage is limited to claims brought against you by or on behalf of an employee, a former employee, or an applicant for employment.

As part of TMLT’s EPLI coverage, TMLT policyholders now have access to information on employment and human resources issues to help prevent employment practices claims. 

TMLT is the only carrier to provide these benefits at no additional cost. Learn more.

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