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John Southrey is the Director of Cyber Consulting Services at TMLT. John can be reached at

  • Technology-based errors and omissions in health care

    Technology-based errors and omissions in health care

    A practice’s technology services or products can cause errors and omissions (E&O) that could lead to claims, including bodily injury to others.

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  • Ransomware is cyber extortion

    Ransomware is cyber extortion

    Ransomware is a form of cyber extortion — and a serious business risk. Also considered "electronic vandalism," ransomware can corrupt or destroy your data.

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  • A group admin explains what business interruption really means

    A group admin explains what business interruption really means

    What happens when a system failure brings down the EMR?

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  • What is your total cost of cyber risk?

    The financial impact of a data breach can be much greater than expected.

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  • Insuring business continuity after a cyber attack

    It's important to check if your existing cyber liability policy or business insurance includes coverage for business interruption, contingent business interruption, and business continuity.

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  • Disjunction in health care data security

    Data security and control of information in health care lag behind other industries.

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  • Insecurity in health care

    Overview of potential data breach potentials in health care.

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  • Before you sign that contract...

    Before signing any IT service or business associate agreements, medical practices should carefully review the contract to make sure they understand all of their contractual obligations.

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  • Is your cyber security really covered?

    Effective cyber security requires a multi-layered approach using threat detection, prevention, and incident response planning.

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  • Need to Step Up Your Cyber Security Monitoring? TMLT and eSentire Can Help

    For physicians or groups who want a higher level of cyber security monitoring, TMLT is now partnering with eSentire to offer 24-hour live monitoring of your computer network.

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  • Understanding Contractual and Insurance Risk Transfer

    Medical practices should make sure they understand their contractual obligations with regards to any liability assumed under contract.

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  • Do you have cyber “net income insurance”?

    The costs of a cyber crime and the resulting lost income due to computer downtime or as a result of a data breach can be substantial.

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  • The Glutenous Gremlin: Celiac Disease

    Overview of of the disease and support for patients with it.

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